THE GOLD & GREEN RACING CLUB are delighted to offer as part of their “GOLD & GREEN PREMIER” offering, limited leased shares in their “4 HORSE SHARE BUNDLE”. This offer will save you over 20%!


This bundle offer is £150.00 and limited to 5 per person.

The one off payment covers all costs, with a guarantee of nothing else to pay for that period, and an option to extend or step back when that period ends (Dec 24).

Our world-class communication and exclusive website and smart phone app will keep you updated on a daily basis, and your chances of going racing as an owner are realistic, not 1 in a 3,000 chance!

Gold and Green Racing Club has been running for over 7 years now, and with over 35 winners, and we would be delighted if you wished to come on board with one of our Gold and Green Premier horses.